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Frame Restorations & Replicas

We design, create, restore or replicate new, antique or damaged frames. Our shop will finish beautiful custom framing packages based on your budget and needs. Come browse our large selection of custom moulding samples, or choose to have our artists create or recreate a frame around your special piece. Trained artisans assemble everything professionally in-house, taking care and expertise during each step.


In-Shop Services include:


  • Antique Frame Restoration

  • EXACT Replicas of Antique Frames

  • Historically accurate Gilding

  • Framing of 3D art objects into Custom Shadowboxes

  • Resizing Mouldings

  • Frame Repairs

  • Customized Frame Designs

ornate hand-carved wooden frame
ornate wooden hand-carved frame

Spotlight Project: Restored Splendor

We have the knowledge and talent to tackle restorations of this magnitude. It took many hours, a team, tools and talent , but fortunately Indianapolis has all at Petrov Frame Atelier.

 Stop by our shop to see this restored beauty!


To get this masterpiece back to it’s original beauty, Anatoly and his team completely restored the salvageable parts and pieces. For parts that were not recoverable, new pieces were re-carved by hand. Once back to it’s beautiful solid structure, 23k gold leaf was applied in the traditional gilding process over the entire frame's surface.

After gilding, the bright gold was antiqued, and finally  everything re-assembled.  

This beautiful hand carved Florentine frame was hanging in a prominent downtown Indianapolis home, when one day, the hanging wire broke and this magnificent frame fell onto the fireplace mantle, then to the hardwood floor. What you see are the remaining pieces.

anatoly by frame.jpg
frame top.jpg
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