Proprietor Anatoly Petrov was born in Russia and trained as a polychrome wooden sculpture restorer. He immigrated to America in 1997, took a position at upper Manhattan's Julius Lowy Frame and Restoring Company, the oldest, largest and most respected frame house in America. Anatoly and his family remained in New York until hurricane Sandy prompted a move to his wife's home state of Indiana in 2003.

Immediately upon moving to Indianapolis, Anatoly began a frame restoration business in the Stutz building downtown. In 2009, an opportunity arose and he bought a frame shop on the west side of Indianapolis. Eventually, having 3,000 customers, he added antique frame restoration, gilding and oil painting restoration alongside his custom, museum-quality framing.

In 2012, the opportunity to move to the Broad Ripple area presented itself and Anatoly jumped at the great location. The creative atmosphere of SoBro was a perfect fit for Petrov.


Walking into Petrov Frame Atelier is like visiting a local neighborhood art museum with diverse framing and restoration projects, creative ideas and unique handmade pieces. 



M-F 10-6 / Sat 10-4 

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5172 N. College Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46205


(317) 293-2122

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